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Thursday, June 7, 2007

차세대 기술혁명, 한국에서는 실종된 '인지과학'에 관심을

What's wrong with the current Korean (government) R/D policies on 'Science and Technologies'?

They have neglected Cognitive Science (CS) for the past several decades, and disregarded the importance of Cognitive Science for the future Converging Technologies.

In the 2007 MOST (the Ministry of Science & Technologies) report on Korean R/D plan for the future Converging Technologies, Cognitive Science Technology was demoted as a sub-sub area of Brain Science, investigating only very narrow and limited topics related to brain processes.

It seems that the policy-making committee members and high officials of Korean MOST (or Korean Science Foundations) did not see or intentionally disregarded the far reaching implications and reasons of why U.S. NSF had put Cognitive Science as one of the basic axles for the future Converging Technologies.

The world is changing. The goals of Science and Technologies are changing, too.
In the past, the rage of research on technologies was, at first, on making all kinds of tools and machines that make human (physical) life more comfortable. Then it was on making people healthier and live longer. And in the future, the rage will be on making people function more competently and intelligent - cognitively, emotionally, and socially (in human societies and in human-machine tandem societies), as well as physically.

As NSF report on NBIC Converging Technologies has defined, the goal of the future technologies will be on 'Improving Human Performance', especially enhancing human cognitive functions in the real and virtual environments which are becoming ever more complex. This is the reason why "Trans-humanism" has recently become a hot topic in the discussion of future society & technologies.

The Korean “R & D Plan for the future Converging Technologies” disregarded all these implications. It seems that they expect the 'future Korean Technology Rabbit' should or could run on three legs.



You can find a newspaper article (in Korean) related to this at the following URL


오늘 2007년 6월 7일 한겨레신문에
과학부 이근영 기자의 아래와 같은 글이 실렸습니다.
위의 제목에 기사 링크되어 있습니다.
신문을 구하여 하드카피를 보았더니
기사 제목이 '차세대 기술혁명 '인지과학'에 관심을'
이라고 바뀌었네요.
원래 웹상의 제목은 "차세대 기술혁명 핵심 ‘인지과학’ 실종" 인데
신문사 편집진에서 제목을 조금 약하게 바꾼 모양입니다.
- 한겨레신문 2007년 6월 7일 목요일 15면에 사진 3개와 함께 크게 실렸습니다.
인지과학 관련
현재 한국과학기술 정책의 현재와 문제점을 지적하는 기사입니다
참고하시기 바랍니다.


한겨레신문 2007년 6월 7일 목요일 15면 기사

"차세대 기술혁명 핵심 ‘인지과학’ 실종"
-과기부, 융합과학기술 종합발전계획-

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