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Sunday, May 10, 2009

2009 Korea University Brain Science and Cognitive Science workshop

2009 Korea University Brain Science and Cognitive Science workshop

고려대 뇌과학&인지과학 워크샵 (2009. 5. 12-13)(15)

Time: May 12th, 13th, & 15th, 2009 (9:30 AM - 5.30 PM)

Venue: Korea University
-12th: Centennial Memorial Samsung Hall, B1 Global Conference Hal,
Korea University
-13th: 4.18 Memorial Hall, B2 Auditorium, Korea University
-15th: Inchon Memorial Hall, 1F Conference Room, Korea University


Department of Brain Informatics & Wisdom Science Centre,
(Brain and Cognitive Engineering), Korea University

-Kichun Nam, Korea University
-Stephen Jackson, Nottingham University

May 12 (Tues.)

1:30-12:30: Opening

2-2:45: Contribution of prediction to the planning and control of action
-Stephen Jackson-
2:50-3:35: Robot-assisted therapy and the recovery of upper limb function after stroke. - Amy Parkinson
4-4:45: Cognitive neuroscience of vision
-Chaiyoun Kim
4:50-5:35: Perception
- Maud Husain

May 13 (Wed.)

10:20-11:05: Memory
-Andrew Mayes
11:20-12:05: Anatomical organization of brain function
-Simon Eickhoff
2:00-2:45: Social perception
-Steve Tipper
2:50-3:35: Perspective taking and Theory of Mind
-Dana Samson
4:00-4:45: Brain systems for processing faces and emotional facial expression
-Martin Eimer
4:50-5:35: Neural mechanism of emotional and social decision making in humans - Hakjin Kim

May 15 (Fri.) : Korean Society for Cognitive Science Session

1:20-1:05: Mechanisms of cognitive control of behaviour
-Parashkev Nachev
11:20-12:05: Cognitive control of behaviour in health and disease: Evidence from Tourette syndrome. - Georgian Jackson
2:00-2:45: Crossmodal attention and multisensory integration
-Charles Spence
2:50-3:35: The role of visual attention in the Stroop task
-Yang Seok Cho
4:00-4:45: Models of Korean 'Eojeol' processing
-Kichun Nam
4:50 Closing

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