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Friday, February 5, 2010

체화는 심리학의 통합적 조망 (Glenberg 교수 글)

Embodiment as a Unifying Perspective for Psychology
by  Arthur M. Glenberg
(Arizona State University, University of Wisconsin)

출간 중인 자료입니다. (In Press, Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Cognitive Science)
'포스트모더니즘'처럼 '체화된 인지'는 인문학-사회과학-자연과학-공학- 예술, 인간을 보는
패러다임 변화입니다.
A basic claim of the embodiment framework is that all psychological processes are
influenced by body morphology, sensory systems, motor systems, and emotions. ...
As such, the framework holds the promise of providing a unifying perspective for
psychological research. This essay begins with a sketch of several arguments, from
evolution to philosophy, as to why the embodiment framework is a good bet. These
arguments are followed by a review of approaches to embodiment, including those from
cognitive linguistics, perceptual symbol theory, and action-based theories. Finally,
examples are provided of how a unifying perspective might work for cognition (including
language and memory), cognitive and social development, social psychology,
neuroscience, clinical psychology, and psychology applied to education

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