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Friday, February 10, 2012

과학적 설명, 신경과학적 설명, 인지지과학의 새 틀: 신경적 설명과 마음 개념의 재구성

"과학적 설명, 신경과학적 설명, 인지지과학의 새 틀: 신경적 설명과 마음 개념의 재구성"
- 파일을 정리하다가 2006년에 한국심리학회 연차대회의 ['뇌'와 '심리'; 적인가 동지인가?] 심포지엄에서 발효한 파일을 발견하고 연결합니다.

[Scientific Explanation, Neuroscience & New Paradigm in Cognitive Science]
- An invited lecture at the Symposium of the '2006 Annual Conference of the Korean Association of Psychology (KPA), in Aug. 18, 2006. at SNU,
 - Described the various presuppositions (from the view-point of philosophy of science) a neuro-scientific research presupposes before it begins its research and explanation on mental phenomena, and discussed its problems and limitations. Also discussed the emergence of the paradigm of 'Embodied Cognition' in Cognitive Science as an alternative approach for overcoming the problems and limitations.

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