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Thursday, April 21, 2011

미국 심리과학협회(APS)의 [법심리학] 특집 파일들 공개

미국 심리과학협회 APS에서 발행하는 학술지 [Current Directions in Psychological Science]의
2011 년 2월호 특집이 [법과 심리학] 특집인데 이 특집 글들이 웹에서 2011년 6월 15일까지 다음 사이트에서 무료로 공개됩니다. 다운받아서 한번 살펴 보세요.


- Editor’s Introduction: Special Issue on Psychology and Law
- Resolving the Offender “Profiling Equations” and the Emergence of an    Investigative Psychology
- Forensic Interviewing Aids: Do Props Help Children Answer Questions About  Touching?
- Interviewing Cooperative Witnesses
- Current Issues and Advances in Misinformation Research
- Eyewitness Identification
- Outsmarting the Liars: Toward a Cognitive Lie Detection Approach
- Suspect Interviews and False Confessions
- Current Directions in Violence Risk Assessment
- Future Directions in the Restoration of Competency to Stand Trial
- The Utility of Scientific Jury Selection: Still Murky After 30 Years
- Expert Psychological Testimony
- The Psychology of Trial Judging
- Jury Decision Making: Implications For and From Psychology

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